The Benefits 14C Provides to the Disabled Community

By Diane Boone and The Lancaster Patriot Staff
August 4, 2022
Lancaster News (PA)

Going to work has often been viewed as mere drudgery, but after pandemic lockdowns forced so many people to stay at home because the government deemed their work “nonessential,” our society has developed a new appreciation for having a job to go to. A job can give people structure in their lives, opportunities to leave the house and see other people, a way to provide a valuable service to their community, and a way to develop skills over time.

Historically, many individuals who had physical or intellectual disabilities were unable to join the workforce, but Section 14C of the Fair Labor Standards Act created more opportunities for these individuals to enjoy the benefits of having a regular job. 14C does this by allowing employers to gain certification so that their employees can earn wages based on the amount of work they accomplish rather than being held to standards that would earn the usual minimum wage. This means more employers and organizations can provide paying jobs to individuals who are constrained in the amount of time they can work in a week, the speed at which they can do the work required of them, and the overall complexity of tasks they can handle.

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