Respected historian, author, and parent/guardian, Dr. Amy S.F. Lutz, has made a big impact in the disability support world. She has directly challenged current, watered-down discussions regarding the “Disability Community” be addressing the fact that severely disabled people still exist and have always existed, regardless of how much the media may attempt to downplay their unique needs for specialized support. Chapter 4 focuses on the elimination of employment choice (14c) and its impact on people with severe autism and I/DD.


Freddie DeBoer presents a scorchingly brilliant review of Amy S.F. Lutz’s new book, “Chasing the Intact Mind”, which includes “She demonstrates that the cultural conversation about her son’s developmental disorder has been hijacked by activists who care more about their doctrine than the vulnerable people they ostensibly speak for.”


Jesse Singal has also reviewed the book, taking particular interest in the Employment Choice issue. Read is comments by clicking the link below. Be sure to order a copy of this book to learn the truth about special wages!
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